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Sunday, October 5, 2008

CSS Positioning Properties

CSS Web Designers Intro: Chapter 10

CSS Normal Flow

CSS Relative Positioning

CSS Absolute Positioning

CSS Positioning Content

CSS Fixed Positioning

The CSS positioning properties allow you to specify the left, right, top, and bottom position of an element. It also allows you to set the shape of an element, place an element behind another, and to specify what should happen when an element's content is too big to fit in a specified area.

Browser support: IE: Internet Explorer, F: Firefox, N: Netscape.

W3C: The number in the "W3C" column indicates in which CSS recommendation the property is defined (CSS1 or CSS2).

Sets how far the bottom edge of an element is above/below the bottom edge of the parent element.

Sets the shape of an element. The element is clipped into this shape, and displayed.

Sets how far the left edge of an element is to the right/left of the left edge of the parent element.

Sets what happens if the content of an element overflow its area.

Places an element in a static, relative, absolute or fixed position.

Sets how far the right edge of an element is to the left/right of the right edge of the parent element.

Sets how far the top edge of an element is above/below the top edge of the parent element.

Sets the vertical alignment of an element.

Sets the stack order of an element.


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