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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dreamweaver CS3: Workspace

Dreamweaver CS3: Workspace

Workspace Overview
The Dreamweaver CS3 interface is designed to let you create web pages without having to frequently use the menu bar to access commands.

The Insert bar contains various objects that can be inserted into a document. Each object is a HTML code with various attributes that can be applied. For example, clicking on the Image button in the Insert bar will let you insert an image and apply different image settings into the document.

The Document toolbar contains buttons that let you view the document in different views and buttons
that contains common operations such as previewing the page in an Internet browser.

The Document window displays the contents of the document. It can be switched between three views: code, split, and design view using the buttons in the Document toolbar.

The Panel groups are sets of panels grouped together that can be expanded or collapsed.

The Files panel lets you browse and manage your file and folders on your computer or on a remote server.

The Property inspector lets you view and edit the properties for the select object or text. For example, when you click on an image in the Document window, the settings for the image will appear in the Property inspector to let you view or change the settings.

The tag selector shows the HTML tag the selected item is enclosed in and lets you select the contents of the tag by clicking on the tag in the tag selector.


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