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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CSS Float Property

CSS Floating Columns

CSS Floating Elements

CSS Clear Float

CSS Floated Layout

The float property sets where an image or a text will appear in another element.


Note: If there is too little space on a line for the floating element, it will jump down on the next line, and continue until a line has enough space.

Note: Content, background, and borders of inline elements should go in front of the float. Background and borders of a block element should go behind the float, but the content of the block element should go in front of the float.

JavaScript Syntax
CSS properties can also be dynamically changed with a JavaScript.

Scripting Syntax:"left"

In our HTML DOM tutorial you can find more details about the cssFloat property.
In our HTML DOM tutorial you can also find a full Style Object Reference.

Possible Values
left: The image or text moves to the left in the parent element
right: The image or text moves to the right in the parent element
none: Default. The image or the text will be displayed just where it occurs in the text


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